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Client’s Notice on US Dollars Outgoing
Dear Clients!
Please note that no US dollars outgoing will be driven on February, 15, 2009 due to American holiday (President’s Day). Starting from February, 16 the outgoing will be driven in a customary mode.


Click to Zoom-UpOn Novemer, 25, 2009 JSCB “Gazprombank” Slobodzeya branch has celebrated its 5th anniversary.

On this day we congratulate our clients and partners who made this anniversary possible and express our heartfelt gratitude for cooperation, understanding and support.

Dear Rybnitsa citizens!
Please accept our warmest congratulations on the 381th anniversary of your city!

Today Rybnitsa is a beautiful modern city possessing unique production and scientific capabilities and great cultural heritage. There are some first-rate industrial enterprises in your city built by the older generation, by our veterans. Thanks to you, dear citizens, these enterprises develop confidently, master new production and stand firm both on home and world market.

Today we wish you luck, work progress, happiness, health and well-being.


Dear Clients!

Please note that no US dollars outgoing will be driven on November, 26 due to American holiday (Thanksgiving Day). Starting from November, 27 the outgoing will be driven in a customary mode.

On October 23, 2009 a scientific and practical conference “Socio-economic Reading” took place in “Pridnestrovian Strategy” research institute in Tiraspol in the frameworks of JSCB “Gazprombank” “Social Initiative” project. The conference has been backed up by Pridnestrovian State University and Pridnestrovian Patriotic Party.  
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Oleg Smirnov has been honoured with a governmental and social award.

On October 13, 2009 in the capital of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic there took place a ceremonial meeting dedicated to Tiraspol city 217th anniversary.  
The meeting was attended by the representatives of municipal enterprises and institutions, the heads of the city and the republic. In the course of the ceremonial meeting the results of the municipal “Recognition” contest were announced. Every year in the frameworks of this contest the best managers in different spheres of life in Pridnestrovian capital are defined.  
According to the decision of the organizational committee of the contest the JSCB “Gazprombank” President Oleg Smirnov has been honoured with a “Recognition 2009” award in “Finances and Banks” nomination.   

Dear Tiraspol Citizens!
Please accept our warmest congratulations on the occasion of Tiraspol Anniversary!

The Anniversary of the TMR capital is a wonderful holiday which unites all people feeling affection to Tiraspol.  Our clean and agreeable city buried in verdure and flowers on the bank of the Dniester-river leaves nobody indifferent. Everyone who has been here remembers Tiraspol’s warmth and cordiality.
Inimitable aspect of today’s Tiraspol is a mixture of cultures and histories of the peoples living in our republic with modern times. It’s a mixture of invaluable experience of the old with energy and beauty of the young. Trans-Dniestrian capital is moving forward by leaps and bounds.  It is diligence and commitment of Tiraspol citizens and well-organized and effective work of the city authorities that contribute to dynamic development and prosperity of the TMR capital.

Together we can make our city even more beautiful and up-to-date.

Shareholders and Staff, JSCB Gazprombank (CJSC)

JSCB “Gazprombank” Pensionary Programme is a complex of banking services for pensioners.

Dear Pensioners!

JSCB “Gazprombank” has developed a special Pensionary Programme for retirees and other people who receive allowance at the Department of Social Defence in Tiraspol.

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